This article presents effective methods for acquiring Robux and Roblox codes for free, all through legitimate means.

Earning Robux by Selling Items

One approach to earn Robux involves selling items from your inventory, but this necessitates having Roblox Premium. This option is applicable only to items categorized as Limited or Limited U.


To ascertain an item’s classification, check the icon beneath its catalog image. Users with membership can vend T-shirts, pants, and access to places, amassing Robux through sales.

Selling Game Passes

Game passes provide players with advantages and abilities within games, such as increased strength or speed. You can devise game passes tailored to your game and sell them at a price of your choosing. Roblox Premium members receive 70% of the earnings, while non-Premium members receive 10%.

Create Your Own Game on Roblox


Developing your own game within Roblox offers another avenue to earn Robux. You can vend a battle pass to access your game and accrue earnings.

Various tutorials are accessible on platforms like Google and YouTube, guiding you through the straightforward game creation process. The recent popularity of the Squid Game-inspired game mode is an example of innovative game design that’s worth exploring!

Using Roblox Promotional Codes


Stay vigilant for new promo codes that can be redeemed for free rewards directly to your account. These rewards typically encompass exclusive items like avatars, rendering the codes highly coveted among the Roblox community.

You can also attempt to find codes from different countries using a VPN or by exploring various languages such as French, English, Russian, German, Italian, and more. This approach might unveil concealed or less-known codes that can yield rewarding outcomes.

Here are the promo codes for Roblox this month:

  1. SPIDERCOLA: Shoulder accessory.
  2. TWEETROBLOX: Shoulder accessory.
  3. KROGERDAYS2021: Golf accessory.
  4. SMYTHSCAT2021: King Tab hat.
  5. TARGETMINTHAT2021: Peppermint hat.
  6. 100MILSEGUIDORES: Celebration backpack.
  7. WALMARTMEXEARS2021: Rabbit ears.
  8. MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021: White Flamingo hat.
  9. ROSSMANNCROWN2021: Hat accessory.
  10. ROBLOXEDU2021: Dev Deck accessory.
  11. AMAZONFRIEND2021: Mascot.
  12. CARREFOURHOED2021: Hat accessory.

Be sure to promptly redeem these codes, as they may have expiration dates. Enjoy the rewards!

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